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What to Look for in a Natural Deodorant May 19 2015

All-natural Fair-trade deodorant from Simply Fair

If you’re like many health-conscious consumers, you may be scouting out alternatives to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants. And yet, as much as we might like to avoid parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan and aluminum, most of us also want a product that works! After all, periodic body odor affects up to 98% of us, according to a study done in England. Now for some good news. Natural solutions can be highly effective! For best results, here are some key ingredients to look for...


How to Green Your Mom's Beauty Routine May 08 2015

If you follow a healthy, eco-friendly beauty routine, you might get questions from people who still use mass-market products. Sometimes our mothers are the first to inquire! If your mom is open to learning more on the subject, it’s a golden opportunity to share the benefits of natural personal care solutions. Creating a safe, green regimen is easier when you know what to look for, as well as what to avoid. Here are some suggestions to help your mom:



6 Reasons Your Mom Will Love Yoga, and How to Get Her Started May 04 2015

If you have cultivated a yoga practice, you’re personally experiencing the many benefits yoga has to offer, so it makes sense that you would like your mother to enjoy them as well. If she has not yet fallen in love with yoga, this Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to encourage a further exploration. Here are six reasons why it’s virtually the best gift you can give her:



7 Reasons to Love Bliss Body Butter April 15 2015

Are you familiar with body butters? These are essentially thick, rich moisturizing creams that are far more emollient than lotions, which typically contain up to 70% water. Not all body butters are created equal, however, and it pays to be discerning. This is your lovely skin after all! Here are seven reasons to fall in love with Simply Fair's Bliss Body Butter:



3 Helpful Tips for Practicing Mindfulness During the Holiday Season December 12 2014

During the holiday season we can easily get caught up in all of the things we "need" to do. Because we are constantly giving to others it becomes easy to forget about ourselves. There's a saying among yogis: "From the second we take birth, human beings begin to race towards their death without looking back." How can we find pleasure in the simple moment of just being? Even when we are late, or when we are stuck in traffic, how can we savor each moment? Knowing how to take advantage of these small moments becomes practice for how we approach the larger ones.