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How to Green Your Mom's Beauty Routine May 08 2015

If you follow a healthy, eco-friendly beauty routine, you might get questions from people who still use mass-market products. Sometimes our mothers are the first to inquire! If your mom is open to learning more on the subject, it’s a golden opportunity to share the benefits of natural personal care solutions. Creating a safe, green regimen is easier when you know what to look for, as well as what to avoid. Here are some suggestions to help your mom:



3 Helpful Tips for Practicing Mindfulness During the Holiday Season December 12 2014

During the holiday season we can easily get caught up in all of the things we "need" to do. Because we are constantly giving to others it becomes easy to forget about ourselves. There's a saying among yogis: "From the second we take birth, human beings begin to race towards their death without looking back." How can we find pleasure in the simple moment of just being? Even when we are late, or when we are stuck in traffic, how can we savor each moment? Knowing how to take advantage of these small moments becomes practice for how we approach the larger ones.