Our Mission


Building a community of people who care about their bodies, the earth, and the well being of others.

Help us create a world where the products you buy support everyone involved in the supply chain, from the farmers who grow and harvest, to the women in West African cooperatives where we source Fair Trade ingredients, to the employees who fulfill your order, to you — the customer!

Community Focused

With each purchase, a portion of proceeds helps fund community projects in areas where we source ingredients. That means each time you purchase SIMPLY FAIR products you are supporting Fair Trade, creating abundance, and spreading love worldwide!

Why Fair Trade?

The products you use should honor your practice. We're committed to practicing fair on & off the mat. SIMPLY FAIR products feature ingredients that are certified Fair For Life by IMO and uphold the highest ideals for social responsibility. We believe social accountability and fair trade are necessities in the global marketplace, and our commitment to fair sourcing practices ensures human rights are safeguarded at every stage of production.

100% Natural

We work diligently to ensure all our products are 100% natural, consciously sourced and highly effective. Keep your practice & your skin naturally pure!

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